Same-Sex Marriage In Texas: Filing A Divorce Case

Same-Sex Marriage In Texas: Filing A Divorce Case

The United States Supreme Court in Texas ruled out that all states recognized same-sex marriage on June 26, 2015. It means that Texas divorce judges and county clerks are allowed to grant same-sex marriage. The court granted same-sex marriage licenses and performs same-sex marriages, which in turn granted same-sex divorce as well.

The family law attorneys in Houston help you deal with your same-sex divorce decision. While a stepchild or adopted child brings unique considerations to a divorce, some fundamental concerns had come with the same-sex divorce are the same as for a straight couple pursuing a divorce:

  • Children
  • Property
  • Custody Suits

The lawyer has many years of experience that handles:

  • Property divisions
  • Property enforcements
  • Property disputes

The same-sex divorce lawyers help in this tough time and get the results you need in the court.

Same-Sex Marriage In Texas: Filing A Divorce Case


The Texas laws

Indeed, the Texas laws don’t impact parent-child duties and rights. If you belong to a same-sex couple with minor children, procedural rules that governed seeking a court-ordered relationship with children are present. Yes, same-sex marriage may also face issues about their children, whosoever has the right to custodial concerns.

In Texas law, it is called an entry requirement “standing” to file a case. An adoptive or biological parent automatically has the standing on filing a case affecting the parent-child relationship. An individual who had control, possession, and is of a child for at least 6 months that ends not more than 90 days before the case is filed has the standing to file a SAPCR.

What is SAPCR?

SAPCR stands for Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship. One of the grounds for standing applies to persons in a same-sex relationship. If you belong in a same-sex relationship that is ending, you want to know more about whom has the rights and obligations relating to minor children.

Although they are in a same-sex marriage, it is possible that they can have a child/children, the same as how straight couple who are ending their marriage. Both can have the right to the custody of the child, which will be settled in court. But, if you want this issue no longer to be raised in court, a same-sex lawyer can help you out from this issue.

Same-sex lawyers are also experts regardless of the gender of a married couple. As long as they are registered and licensed married people, they are covered under the Texas Family Code.

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