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The Product Certification Bodies Accreditation Standard is ISO 17065 (ISO/IEC 17065). This benchmark is for organizations that certify the quality of products, as the name makes abundantly evident. The product can be a service, a process, or something tangible. Organizations receive product licences or certifications from certifying bodies to market the products with those designations. Customers are assured that the good or service they buy complies with international standards thanks to this certification.

iso/iec 17065 training is essential for executives handling product management. With the proper training, you can testify that the product from your organization is authentic and legit.

Importance of ISO/IEC 17065 training:

Attending this training is advised for anyone associated with the standard or considering applying for accreditation. Top-level supervisors who need a basic comprehension of the standard and intermediate staff members who need an understanding of the requirement may fall under this category. People who are brand-new to an organization can benefit from this training by gaining perspective.

A self-paced, online course is available for ISO/IEC 17065 Overview. A summary of ISO/IEC 17065:2012 is provided in this introductory course, along with an explanation of each clause. In addition, participants will discover valuable ideas about the requirements for structural, material, operational, and management systems. They will also look at the standard’s historical background. Exams are used to gauge understanding during the programme.

Contents of the course:

  1. It helps to understand the prerequisites for running a certification body (detailed, clause-by-clause analysis of the ISO/IEC 17065 standard).
  2. Determine what information (including different document types and data) might help prove compliance with each criterion and how this information is examined during an evaluation.
  3. Define terms, list documentation, recommended practices, and other sources that can help you grasp the standard.
  4. Learn the elements that make up this standard’s structure and gain insight into how its clauses should be interpreted.

This two-day practical and interactive workshop will aid participants in honing their abilities in applying ISO/IEC 17065:2012 to their roles as they prepare for their accreditation journey. Delegates will have the following skills following completion of this course:

Understand the rationale for the various standard requirements

and the capacity to use the criterion in their position to obtain or retain certification; you must be able to apply ISO/IEC 17065 confidently. A certification of attendance is awarded to participants who attend the entire course.

The delegates will learn how to put the accreditation standard into practice with ISO/IEC 17065 training for certifying goods, procedures, or services to give consumers trust that they meet specific standards.