eat crab legs like a pro

When it comes to crab consumption, not everyone can be a pro. Some people struggle with how to Eat Crab Legs with celery, how to crack them, what sauce is best for dipping, and even the difference between a King Crab and Snow Crab. The following tutorial will be your go-to guide if you want to learn how to eat crab legs like a pro.


If you have never had a crab leg before, it usually comes with an “apron” attached to the front. This is called a claw and is most likely what you will be served when visiting any restaurant or seafood market. The term “Leg” comes from the first segment located just behind the claw, known as a leg. Within the leg is the crab’s muscle or “backbone.” A leg’s inner flesh can be eaten as is but is typically mixed with butter and lemon juice. 


Eating a crab leg is distinct from other shellfish because crab legs are more significant than shrimp and fish, which makes them a more challenging experience for some people. The first step to eating crab legs is breaking the meat off the claw. Once you have done this, you will need to soak the meat to make it easier to eat. The next step is cracking the meat by breaking it apart between your fingers. You can translate the meat gently by hand, or you can use a crab cracker or a fork and knife, as shown in this video:


Once you have cracked the flesh and broken it down, you then take a fork and insert it between each piece of meat. Once you have inserted the fork, you then take each piece of meat and eat it. If you like to pick out crab meat, stick with the fork technique. The next step is to take the crab cracker or knife and carefully remove the shell from the top of your food. Once you have done this, you can use any desired dipping sauce for your crab, typically butter or lemon juice with a bit of garlic powder added for flavor.


Crab legs are great as a main dish but are also great in salads or casseroles. If you’re preparing a crab leg for either of these dishes, boil or steam the crab legs for about forty-five minutes. After cooking, it’s ready to consume, whether as a main dish or in a salad or casserole.


The art of eating crab legs can be quite a challenge, especially if you have never tried them before. If you try to eat a crab leg without first softening them up, you may have a complex and unpleasant experience. One of the most common ways to prepare crab legs is by steaming them. Place the crab legs in a steamer and allow them to sit for about forty-five minutes.


The next step is to heat the steamer and fill it with about an inch of water. Check the steamer’s water level to ensure it’s at least two inches above the crab legs you are cooking. Once this is done, put all your crab legs in the steamer and let them cook for about forty-five minutes. After removing them from the steamer, allow them to sit until they are cool enough to handle.


When eating crab legs, the best way to get them from the shell is by cracking them and eating their inner flesh. The outer shell can then be discarded or used to decorate your table.