heat stroke in dogs

Treatment for the hyperthermia

Certain things should be aware of about the dog’s issue. This will be much more useful to treat them in a better way to keep them in a healthier condition. They are much unaware of the heat which can cause stroke when it is pushed beyond the limits. There are certain essential aspects to be taken into consideration related to their health and try to prevent them from facing health problems that may arise due to heat exhaustion. Treatment for heat exhaustion or heat stroke helps to keep the pet in good health condition.


Hyperthermia in common is known as heat stroke. This may occur when the canine’s temperature elevates to dangerous levels. If the body temperature of the dog reaches up to 103-degree F and above it needs to be considered abnormal and the case of hyperthermic.

This mainly occurs when they cannot accommodate or even regulate the exceeding body temperature. It has to be noted that the dog does not by nature sweat out the heat of the body as can happen in humans. The dogs have few sweat glands in the paws which cannot regulate the temperature of the body in a rapid way.

This will lead to breathing through the open mouth or it also results in panting as well. panting is one of the primary ways to bring the temperature down and even for cooling them. When a dangerous level of rising in temperature arises the organs of the dogs may rise to the stage of shutting down and lead to the risk of stopping the heart altogether.

Therefore, it is essential to monitor their body temperature to rescue them from the dangerous situation and provide treatment for the same by keeping them cool and pat with a wet towel

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