Having a business today is not easy.  An entrepreneur faces thousands of variables every day and there is always something new to pay attention to. Today we have many tools to promote a business and we can choose between online and offline tools.

 Although one does not exclude the other and they can coexist in the same strategy, the differences between local online marketing and traditional marketing are enormous and, consequently, also the results that can be achieved.

 Every business is different and every case deserves an in-depth analysis.Often, especially in the case of physical companies, the solution is in the combination of the two strategies, using digital and non-digital tools at the same time.

  1. Cheap vs Expensive

 The first fundamental difference between online marketing and traditional marketing is cost. The tools we have today have made promoting one’s own business affordable for everyone. If before promoting a business was only possible for large brands with high advertising budgets, today digital marketing allows us to start with a few bucks. This does not mean that you do not have to invest.  We do not want to give you false hopes and promise that with a couple of bucks of investment you will achieve important results.

 Digital marketing is not a game and, like any marketing strategy, it needs constant investment, dedication, analysis and a propensity for risk. However, one thing for certain is that you can really start small. You can do tests, invest the first bucks to learn how to use the tools well or simply try to see how the market responds to your project. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, does not make these tools available to us and any investment has much higher cost which depend on the chosen channelfrom the beginning.

  1. Specific vs mass audience

 The second advantage of digital marketing is undoubtedly the possibility of selecting our target audience. Today, we have several digital tools that allow us to show our ads exactly to people who are potentially interested in what we offer. One of these tools is Facebook Ads, which allow us to display ads on Facebook and Instagram. Through this platform, in fact, we can select exactly which people will see our ads. All people who do not have at least these characteristics will not see the ads, making our investment effective and focused only on potential customers.